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About Watson Water Company

Watson Water Company, Inc. has been providing high-quality drinking water to communities in Clark County since February 1964. We service customers in both city and rural areas within Sellersburg, Jeffersonville, and Charlestown areas.

Today, Watson Water Company Inc. provides water to over 6,000 service locations in Clark County. Watson is the lifeline to the area, supplying safe drinking water for homes, businesses and schools.

Watson Water Company is a not-for-profit member based company that is governed by a board of directors. All board of directors must be members of Watson Water to hold a position on the board.

Each resident and/or business within the Watson Water Inc, service area wishing to be supplied with water must pay a membership fee. This membership gives our customers the right to attend annual meetings and a ballet vote for directors running for seats on the board.

Board of Directors:
Dennis Hill, President Eric Goodman, Director
Andrew Settle, Vice President Mark Foster, Director
Samuel E. Huff, Treasurer Len Ashack, Director
Joshua Hillman, Secretary Charlie Milburn, Director
Tom King, Director
By-Laws and Regulations
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